Internationally awarded in the European Parliament

Contemporary Photography Collection

The Photography Collection won the international award at the "Corporate Art Awards - Mecenati of the XXI Century" on 28 November 2018 at the European Parliament in Brussels. The distinction "For the Outstanding Photography Collection of 21st century living artists" aims to promote collaboration between the world of business and art and is an important recognition of the unique example of cultural patronage, which has created one of the most important corporate collections of contemporary art from the world made up of living artists from the 21st century.




A Collection with history
The Contemporary Photography Collection began in 2004 with the acquisition of "A Woman with a Covered Tray, 2003," a light box by Jeff Wall, "Untitled, 2004," a self-portrait of Cindy Sherman, "Shanghai Panorama, 2002", a view of Shanghai by Thomas Struth and "Rijksmuseum Amsterdam II, 2003", a library by Candida Höfer.

The Collection in numbers
Today the collection comprises about 1000 works of all the world, of more than 300 artists from 38 different countries, representing a wide range of generations and backgrounds.

From Wolfgang Tilmans to John Baldessari
The works chosen for the Collection cover photography in all of its forms, integrating installations such as "Installation, 1999" by Wolfgang Tillmans, Christian Boltanski's "Lumières (blue pyramid - Claudine), 2000", which complements the photography with a light installation, or even mixed photography techniques found in works such as "Intersection Series: Seascape, Man (with Brick) and Man (with Pencil), 2002" and "Five Yellow Divisions: with Persons And White), 2004" by John Baldessari.

Main characteristics
A tribute to diversity and variety of styles
The artworks acquired are all produced in the 21st century in order to better convey the unique vision of artists about our shared contemporaneity. Instead of acquiring large series, we opted to include a greater number of artists with different bodies of work.

This diversity of artistic expressions is absolutely one of the Collection strengths, and it is through this variety of styles that the dialogue about the art of our times is promoted.

Due to the uniqueness of this collection and the international recognition acquired, it has been invited to important initiatives and national and international contemporary art expositions. The Contemporary Photography Collection of novobanco is a founding member of IACCCA International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art.

Recognition and Curriculum

  • 2018. Awarded with the "For the Outstanding Photography Collection of 21st century living artists" international award by "Corporate Art Awards - Art Patrons of the XXI Century", announced at the European Parliament, within the celebrations of the European Year of the Cultural Heritage;
  • 2018. Selected for the official program of the third edition of the International Fair ARCOLisboa;
  • 2017. Selected for the official program of the second edition of the International Fair ARCOLisboa;
  • 2016. Selected to participate in the international "Corporate Art Awards 2016", which aims to identify, recognize and promote excellence and best practices in collaboration between the corporate world and international art through Corporate Collections;
  • 2016. Selected for the ARCOLisboa first edition official program. The only collection outside the institutional museum's circuit to be included in this program;
  • 2015. Considered one of the 80 best corporate collections in the world by Global Corporate Collection publication;
  • 2014. Was honored with the integration in the 100 Best Corporate Collections in the World, being the only Portuguese collection represented;
  • 2012. Invited to exhibit at the ARCOMadrid;
  • 2011. Awarded with the 15th “A” Corporate Collection Award 2011 by ARCOMadrid.

Are only available in the site search the works listed in the catalog "The Present: An Infinite Dimension" of the first public exhibition of the Collection at the Coleção Berardo Museum in 2008.



Irving Penn

Salad Ingredients, 1947

Jeff Wall

A Woman with a Covered Tray, 2003

Andreas Gursky

Dior Homme, 2003

Cindy Sherman

Untitled #419, 2004

Cindy Sherman

Untitled #477, 2008

Rodney Graham

Lighthouse Keeper with Lighthouse Model, 1955-2010

Rodney Graham

Paradoxical Western Scene, 2006

John Baldessari

Five Yellow Divisions: with Persons (Black and White), 2004

John Baldessari

Intersection Series: Seascape, Man (with Brick) and Man (with Pencil), 2002

Thomas Struth

Museo del Prado 7, Madrid 2005, 2005

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Conceptual Forms 0026 (Worm Gear), 2002

Andres Serrano

Des Américains II, 2002-­2004

Nan Goldin

Mysty in Sheridan Square, NYC, 1991

Gilbert & George

Devout, 2004

William Eggleston

Dust Bells 2 – Woman Walking on Sidewalk, 1965-­75

Robert Frank

N.Y.C., 1949

Bernd e Hilla Becher

Water Towers 1963-­1988, 2005

Helena Almeida

Eu estou aqui #2, 2005

Hans-Peter Feldman

Two Little Girls, 2004

Christian Boltanski

Lumières (blue pyramid – Claudine), 2000

Paulo Nozolino

Subway, Berlin, 1995


Filter collection Photography

Abelardo Morell

Camera Obscura, Image of Manhattan View Looking West, in Empty Room1996

Abelardo Morell

Camera Obscura, Image of London Eye Inside the Royal Horseguards Hotel2001

Adelina Lopes

Copo de água2005

Adelina Lopes

Um copo de água2005

Adriana Molder

Da série Noite Sem Fim #12005

Adriana Molder

Da série Noite Sem Fim #22005

Aino Kannisto

Untitled (Red Kitchen)2004

Aino Kannisto

Untitled (White Sliding Glass Doors)2004

Aino Kannisto

Untitled (Black Mirror)2005

Albano da Silva Pereira

Bani (Mali)2004